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katherineswift - 12 Nov 2018 09:06:26
Oggetto: One true contemplation was a handsome lady from Oklahoma
Considering the advent of the world wide web, the search
was on to locate any signs of gay musical life which may exist off of the particular dance floor. Indeed there is hope, though nothing that resembled the bombast I got seeking. One true contemplation was a handsome lady from Oklahoma. Sid Spencer acquired three classic country albums below his giant belt buckle.

Here was someone flying the rainbow flag around what was another hostile musical landscape during the time. Sid was doing the idea, and so could WHEN I. It was my position, indeed my birthright, to create my
music my way. My own sound: guitars and a lot more electric guitars. My tracks: men loving men in all possible ways. My tagline: a new double-entendre to horrify this moral establishment.

Over 36 months, I recorded an album in my basement this reflected my experience associated with each foot in two worlds that no-one thought could reconcile. I got laughed at for currently being gay by the rock
and roll crowd. I was laughed from by gays for being rock 'n roll. Now, no one's viewpoint mattered except mine. With this particular album, I would stand in by myself skin, my own individuality, and my own electricity.

Like most artists, I'm probably the most critical of the accomplished product. I did the most effective that as I been able with the time, money, resources and skill which i had. Apparently that was well enough to get six festival bookings: something my teenaged-self
would have never believed possible. Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Columbus, Minneapolis, Cincinnati: I was a rock 'n roll road show!

Whether or not you attend some sort of pride festival this summer season, give a thought to how i show up with pride on earth. Pride can be that hubris to flip there are various people who said you are nothing, the courage to stand in your
own shoes, this passion to express your current greatest truth, or this coming together of good people in camaraderie. All of the above put me on the road to being a big homosexual rock star, even if I'm alone who ever noticed. I didn't matter if no-one else showed up. What matters is always that I showed up.
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