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Presentazioni - The third generation from the Volkswagen

alexiakeats - 07 Mar 2019 09:10:30
Oggetto: The third generation from the Volkswagen
is one of probably the most reputed vehicle manufacturers from the world. There are several models of VW are getting to be very popular among the people from all over the world, VW van is a version of those models. The first VW lorrie was came up from the early 1950 and then, VW has reincarnated the Transporter van many times. In this article, you might come to know about various different models of the camper van manufactured through VW.

The first design from the VW Transporter
was influenced by the VW bus named seeing that Samba. Interestingly, the design from the VW Samba was itself influenced because of the design of the Panel van created by VW. You can easily recognize the best model of the VW van by seeing the big VW logo present in front of the camper van. The first model of the camper van may also be easily recognized by the particular big headlamps. The first style of the VW camper van had a smallish thousand cubic centimeter atmosphere cooled engine. The engine on the van was borrowed from the VW Beetle.

In 1967, VW released a different version of the VW Transporter van with several
significant modifications. The newest version of Volkswagen lorrie had a much greater engine, twelve volts electrics, and more features, which ware absent inside first version of this camper van. VW produced this type of the camper van until finally 1980.

The third generation from the Volkswagen van was introduced because of the VW in early 1980. The next generation of the camper lorrie was much bigger inside space than its two predecessors. This Volkswagen van in addition had a much powerful engine than
the two before reproductions and had many features which were otherwise absent in the best two models.

VW again modified another generation of the VW Transporter van at the begining of 1990 and located fourth generation of the actual VW Transporter van. There was a sea change from the fourth generation of this camper van than the previous
three versions. The best significant change was the flat space on the back of the van with the cargo purpose.
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